Here are some questions often put to our fridge servicing and repair company  –

I am something of a DIY enthusiast, and I am quite keen to attempt the repair of my own household fridge – would this be advisable?
Absolutely not – it would actually be highly dangerous. Appliances such as fridges should only be repaired by properly trained technicians specialising in those appliances – even a qualified electrician may not have the expertise to carry out repairs on your fridge. A faulty fridge can cause a shock even when unplugged. Wires and other components that are damaged or not correctly fitted could cause electric shock or even start a fire. Please make the sensible choice and allow our fridge repairs Johannesburg  to repair your fridge properly and safely.

People have advised me to specifically request that my store’s beverage coolers are repaired on site – why is this important?
It is definitely preferable for trained technicians such as those employed by our company to repair your coolers on site, because transporting them is not advisable. The complex electronic mechanisms inside these coolers could be further damaged by the motion of a vehicle on uneven road surfaces, no matter how careful the driver is. The exteriors of the coolers, which you will want to keep in pristine condition, could also be scratched or chipped in transit.

I have noticed a small amount of water leaking out from under my fridge – is it time to call the repair technicians?
Probably – the leak is most likely being caused by a blockage in the fridge’s drainage hole. During periods of high humidity moisture can form on the surface of the fridge and can just be dried off, but a leak on the floor beneath the fridge needs to be dealt with by qualified technicians.

Call us if you have any other fridge-related queries, we will provide you with all the information you need.